The Word Unspoken | TV Series

13 episodes x 50min
Alpha TV (2016-2017)

Director: Theo Papadoulakis
Screenwriter: Katerina Giannakou
DoP: Vangelis Katritzidakis
Art Director: Antonis Chalkias

Music: Minos Matsas


 The Word Unspoken is a drama hit about a family’s painful and often humorous journey of denial and introspection, after their 5-year-old son is diagnosed with autism.

In the eyes of their family, every kid is special.  But what does being special even mean?

Meet Pavlis; he is a bit “off”. 


Now meet his family; they seem unclear on how to handle him. They ask for help. 
Then the “A” word (autism) enters their lives, and communication becomes an everyday struggle, forcing them all to redefine happiness and stretch their limits of acceptance. 

Based on the Israeli series "The A Word" by Keshet International.

Distributed by Keshet International