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Born in South Africa in 1974. After a decade in the UK, where he studied film and directed his earliest short films, he returned to his homeland, Greece, to create inspiring work for film and TV.

In 2005, he founded Indigo View Productions, which went on to become one of the most successful creative hubs in Greece, based in Crete.  

He is considered one of the most recognizable directors in Greece, enjoying wide appreciation by peers, broadcasters and fans. Theo stands out for his unique cinematic aesthetic and emotionally powerful work, frequently focusing on current issues and contributing to cultural and social dialogue.
His short films and commercials achieve viral status, reaching millions of views within hours of their upload. 
He has directed 4 TV series (80 episodes) so far, which took audiences by storm with their unique story-telling and cinematic quality. “The Ιsland” (2011) became the TV series with the highest audience ratings in the history of Greek television and was distributed internationally.
Theo’s portfolio also includes documentaries, short films, and numerous commercials, which have garnered more than 70 international awards. 

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