The Island | TV Series

26 episodes x 45-60min
Period drama
Mega Channel (2010-2011)

Director: Theo Papadoulakis 
Screenwriter: Mirella Papaoikonomou (adaptation) 
DoP: Vangelis Katritzidakis 
Art Direction: Antonis Chalkias
Music: Minos Matsas 

Based on the international best-seller by Victoria Hislop.

Alexis wants to learn everything about her mother's past. To her surprise, she finds out that her family is connected with the isolated island of Spinaloga - the former settlement of lepers.

"The Island" is a story about love, pain, separation and fear. It is a fictional story based on true events and conditions surrounding the island of Spinalonga in Crete, during its years as a leper colony. The story weaves true facts and events with fictional characters creating a gripping result, documenting the history of Spinaloga and the community that lived in and around it.

Shot on the island of Crete over a two year period, this series brought Indigo View's professional and creative expertise to the forefront of Greek television programming. Theo Papadoulakis worked closely with an outstanding team of film and TV professionals to create an original series that regularly earned national viewing figures of over 70%, branding it one of the most successful Greek TV programmes of all time, and the only one which has been sold in over 10 territories around the world.