Commandos and Dragons | TV Series

13 episodes x 55min
Adventure, Crime, Fantasy
Mega TV (2021-2022)

Showrunner /Director: Theo Papadoulakis
Director of Photography: Thomas Varvias
Art Director: Giorgos Georgiou
Music: Minos Matsas

A gifted young boy faces his darkest fears, when he realizes that the seemingly serene village he has moved to is fraught with current day thugs and an age long curse. He teams up with the local kids' crew, the Commandos, to stop evil at its source. Will they make it on time?

Take growing up in the 80s, watching Goonies on VHS and looking for trouble, add an idyllic Cretan seaside location, a stellar creative team, a couple of urban legends and metaphysical pursuits, an inspired cast and a title that makes you look twice. Then place it in pandemic-ridden 2021 and have it air in 13 episodes. 

Papadoulakis pushes the envelope with this original t(w)een mystery adventure, and rewrites the textbook on Greek TV series.