Theo Papadoulakis | Director

Theo Papadoulakis is one of the most recognizable directors of his generation in Greece. His short films have won 28 international awards and his name has been inextricably linked with “The Island”, the most successful TV drama ever produced in Greece, which reached the highest ratings in the history of Greek private television and was distributed internationally in over 10 countries. He has directed for cinema, television, documentaries and commercials which have received more than 40 awards & distinctions internationally. Theo enjoys wide appreciation by his peers and fans and is considered a favorite amongst critics and broadcasters alike for his unique aesthetic, filming style and emotionally powerful works. His videos frequently achieve viral status, reaching million views within hours of their upload. His recent short film “Brother”, published just before Christmas 2018, caused an internet sensation, attracting over 3 million views in 2 days!

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